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Thelifa Combined School is a public school established in 1983. The School is situated in South Africa in Limpopo province under the Greater Tzaneen Municipality. It is situated in Amorentia Estate in the Politsi valley. It is approximately 20km from Tzaneen. The school enrols learners from Grade R – 8. It enrols an average of 60 learners. The School has two blocks adjacent to each other. In one block there is a computer centre with five (05) computers. The other block has one classroom which is converted into a library centre, but the library is not professionally established, it is only shelves that are there to upkeep the books, and there are no other books except the prescribed books. The school follows a multi-grade teaching as we are a farm school with scarcity of human resource. The school currently serves the farm workers children whose parents are employed by the surrounding farmers. The farms that provide us with children are Altona, Amorentia, Boschpoort, Rech’s nurseries, Geyer and Westfalia. The furthest farm is the Rech’s nurseries that is plus minus 5km from the school. The learners from Rech’s to school are transported by the Department of Education to and from school. The Department pays for the trips for the children to and from the school. The academic activities start from 08H00. It starts with morning devotion at 07H45 – 08H00.

We follow the departmental prescribed curriculum. We do the following learning areas as prescribed:
·Social Sciences
·Art and culture
·Life orientation
·Computer Literacy is optional.

At Secondary there is deviation as the learners had to choose their area of specialization. It is our priority to educate and enlighten those that are the future of South Africa, but with our resources, this is extremely challenging. We want to have a fully fledged computer and media centre. The school still needs five (05) more computers to be able to have full computer class and lessons.

The school has different sporting codes starting from athletics, cricket, soccer rugby and netball. All the above mentioned activities are dormant as we don’t have equipments. We dearly need an athletic track, cricket pitch soccer/rugby field. The Department of Education give us norms and standards money as our school poverty level is high and children are exempted to pay school fees. According to the South African School Act we are place in quintile 1 meaning that the Department gives the school once off payment of money, to run throughout the year. The amount is too little to run the day to day activities of the school, pay the helper, pay the bills of the school, renovate and purchase office equipment and office stationary.
If granted money to build science laboratory we are sure to produce young scientists competent enough and forget that they are farm workers children. The learners will face the world with enthusiasm, as young minds are brilliant but dormant if not given an opportunity to expand but not taught the basics.
The computer centre will provide children with the modern knowledge of technology. This will make them face the current challenges with confidence.
In sport children will create new opportunities to fit in the world of sports.